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Discreet Services’ Private Investigators in Flagstaff provide professional Private Investigations at competitive rates. Our team of Private Investigators in Flagstaff Arizona have been providing top level investigative services in for many years. We have the experience, equipment, and innovative methods to provide the best outcome for your investigation.

Flagstaff is a common place for people from the Phoenix area to visit the nice weather during the summer months or skiing during the winter. Our most common Private Investigation case in Flagstaff is infidelity surveillance. We either have one of our local Flagstaff Private Investigators ready to follow the Subjects when they arrive, or we can also have one of our Private Investigators from Phoenix follow the Subjects every step of the way. We always match the proper Private Investigator for each case. For example, we won’t send someone to follow your spouse on a ski trip who doesn’t know how to ski. During these investigations, we can equip our investigator with a GoPro camera to catch the Subject on the lifts or skiing. Whatever the need may be, we have Licensed Private Investigators in Flagstaff Arizona with the skills and passion to help you settle your case.

Our free consultations are designed to provide you with the opportunity to tell us your story, all while we develop a plan of action.

Cheating spouse surveillance and worker’s compensation surveillance are common Private Investigations in Flagstaff. Whether your spouse is coming to Flagstaff for vacation, work or you both live here, we have the skills and equipment necessary to obtain the answers you need.

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We have Private Investigators in Flagstaff Arizona and many other cities throughout Arizona. Regardless of what you need or what your goals are, contact us now for a free consultation. If we feel we can provide the best service to meet your goals and expectations, we will use our resources as members of numerous Private Investigation organizations to find you the right Investigator for your case.

Flagstaff Private Investigator Services

Surveillance Investigations

Accident Injury Investigations

Child Custody Investigations

Health and Welfare Checks

Background Investigations

Rental Property Surveys

Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (Bug Sweeps)

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