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Online Dating Background Check


The client was communicating with a male online. She had been speaking to him using email, phone calls, and text messages. For months, they had been communicating. This man claimed to be a Dr. for the last 18 years. He often spoke about his successes, homes he owns etc… he claimed to have never been married. He claimed to not have children. Our client and the man lived in different states. Every time they were scheduled to meet, the man continued to come up with excuse after excuse. He would say he had to miss his flight because he had a medical emergency with a patient and could not leave. Then would send flowers and apologize. Over several months, the excuses continued. The client became suspicious that he was either married or she was possibly speaking to someone other than she expected.

Free Consultation

The client called in for her free consultation. She explained the situation in details and we recommended that she conduct a background investigation on this man.

  1. Identity confirmation. We recommended that we investigate the identity of the subject by researching the phone number to see who it is registered to. Investigate his name in the state, to confirm if the individual was, in fact, a Dr.
  2. Conduct a criminal background check on the Subject, once the identity was confirmed.
  3. Investigate to determine if the Subject is married.
  4. Investigate to determine if the Subject has children.

Background Investigation

We started by investigating the phone number the client provided us. The area code for this number was from the neighboring state, not the state the Subject claims to be living in. This is the number the client had been texting with and having calls with the Subject. Using databases that are not available online to the public, we looked to see who this number is registered to. The investigation confirmed the number was registered to a man with the same name the client had provided with the case details.

We began to investigate the information the Subject had been telling our client. We first started investigating to confirm or deny the Subject was, in fact, a doctor. We discovered this man was a doctor. However not for the last 7 years. 7 years prior, he lost his license for medical malpractice.

We then began to investigate the background further. We first started with investigating his current address and home ownership details. We discovered the Subject does not own a home and in fact, he lives in a home in a different state than he claims. This home was owned by his mother. We looked up the number registered to the home and made a discreet call to the residence. The first call was answered by voicemail, the Subject’s mother stated her name and asked that a message be left. Later that day, we called again. This time the Subject’s mother answered. We asked for the Subject by name and she kindly informed us that he had just left for the gym, but will be back afterward. Further searches showed his cell phone billing address was this address as well as his driver’s license address. Based on these findings, we believed the Subject lived with his mother in a different state than he claimed to live in.

We discovered the Subject had criminal charges for assault, a recent DWI, and many traffic violations. We also confirmed the Subject owes approximately $15,000.00 in back child support.

Lastly, we investigated the marital status of the Subject. We confirmed the subject was not currently married.


We concluded our background investigation and reported the information to the client. We discovered the following information during this background investigation.

  1. The subject was honest about his name. He provided his real name to our client.
  2. He lied about his current occupation. He was, in fact, a Doctor at one point, however, he has not been for over 7 years.
  3. He lied about having children. We did not research how many children he had, however, he could not have owed back child support if he did not have children.
  4. We confirmed he told the truth about not being currently married.
  5. We confirmed he lied about owning homes. He did not currently own a home and we did not find past recorded documents of previous home ownership.
  6. We confirmed he lied about the state he currently lives in.
  7. Although the Client and Subject never discussed his criminal history, we confirmed he had charges for assault, a recent DWI, and many traffic violations.

Client’s actions

The client was shocked with the findings of the background investigation. She informed us that she was going to stop communicating with the Subject because of all the lies. She mentioned multiple times that she wished she called us sooner before she became emotionally involved.

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