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Private Investigator in Online Dating Scam

Online Dating Scam Investigation

As online dating becomes more and more common, it is important to take some precautions. You can’t see the person behind the profile they’ve posted on a dating website, and in some cases, the person who created that profile you’re interested in could be fake or exaggerated to make the person more “attractive” to others. If you want to meet someone you met online but don’t know if what they’ve told you about themselves is true, you might want to consider hiring a private investigator for an online dating scam investigation. Online dating scams are becoming frequent. These scammers can hurt you emotionally and financially. According to statistics, online dating scams have become a multi billion dollar industry for these scammers. Investigators with Discreet Services use various methods including web technology to track IP addresses, location of the Subject and other methods to get answers in a timely manner. The President of Discreet Services is an expert at identifying online dating scams. He offers a basic investigation for $70.00. This will include US identity confirmation, a review of writing styles in emails from the Subject’s, picture image searches, reverse email search, and a basic review all information provided from the Client. You will be provided a report via email with either proof you are communicating with a scammer, or an expert opinion of the situation. We offer this low fee in hopes that people will be motivated to protect themselves from the billion dollar online dating scam industry. If you are interested in this service, email a summary of the situation, a few photos of the Subject, links to the Subject’s online profiles and any other information you have to Or fill out a free consultation.

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When you should consider an investigation?

The short answer to this question, before it is too late! Hire a private investigator with Discreet Services to conduct a detailed investigation into whether or not you are possibly a victim of an online scam dating situation. While dating online, there are some questions you should ask yourself. For example, has the person you’ve been talking to asked you for any personal information such as your full name, street address, local town or neighborhood, personal phone number or other revealing information? Have they ever asked for money? Have they discussed engaging in business with you? Any one of these things on their own might not raise suspicion, but if the person is asking for these things like they are going through a checklist, it could be something to worry about. These are some signs you could become a victim of an online dating scam.

The most common scenarios with dating scams are groups operating out of countries like Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya and some others. These individuals make claim to be American Military war hero’s, businessman from many places in the world, and other personas that may seem interesting. These types of personas appeal to the woman population whereas the men we have as Client’s typically think they are talking with woman who are beautiful, stuck in a bad situation looking for help to get out.

Sometimes someone might not be trying to scam you but rather lying about certain details about themselves. If the person you are talking to seems “too good to be true,” there is a chance that it just might be. If you have concerns about this, it can be hard to find out the truth on your own. There are times where the person on the other side is not trying to scam our Client out of money, they are just lying about who they say they are. They may just be a lonely individual who doesn’t have the self-confidence to go out an meet someone. They would rather build a profile stating they are 6′ 4″, 225 lbs, ex-college football player who is now a Dr. After a thorough investigation, we discover he is none of those things and lives at home with his parents at 35 years old. This may seem rather harmless, but not to our Client who spent 6 months of their life building a relationship with this person.

If you feel you might be in an online relationship that is starting to look like a scam or you feel you are being lied to, contact us right away before it is too late.

Senior Citizens

Senior Citizens have been one of the most targeted groups for online dating scams as well as many other scams such as Fake IRS Scams, Lottery Scams, Bogus Charities and much more. These Senior Citizens are often scammed out of their Social Security Benefits, retirement funds and in many severe cases their entire life savings. For more information on protecting Seniors from online scams or how to identify online scams fill out a free consultation.

Who Might Need an Online Dating Investigations?

  • Men and woman using online dating services.
  • Individuals dating online with someone outside their State.
  • People who are asked to provide money.
  • People who have given money to someone they have met online, but not in person.
  • Match making services.
  • Other Private Investigators.

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