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Private Investigator in Asset and Hidden Asset

Asset and Hidden Asset Investigation

Asset Investigation Services

Discreet Services conducts in-depth Asset Investigations in the United States and Internationally. During an asset investigation, our team of highly experienced Private Investigators will locate assets a particular Subject has. This is often used during a lawsuit or divorce so that if the Subject in question is trying to hide assets or resources, the evidence will be able to prove they exist.

Discreet Services has the resources and the expertise to locate assets that Subjects often think are not possible to find. During an asset investigation we locate things like bank accounts, investment accounts, off shore accounts, properties, land, businesses, vehicles and more. Our lead Asset Investigator has over 30 years of experience. Over the years he has stayed up to date with all the changes involved with tracking banking assets and more. We also subscribe to data bases like TLOxp and IDI, which are only available to licensed Private Investigators and Law Enforcement Detectives. These data bases allow us to locate address history for a Subject to ensure we search in the right areas.

It’s important to use a licensed, reputable Private Investigator who specializes in locating assets. Our team has been locating assets for decades so we have the skills and resources to get you the information you need.

Do you have a judgement against someone?

People often obtain judgements and never collect. Hire an experienced Private Investigator who will conduct the proper searches to locate assets that you can collect on. Often times, the fees incorporated with asset and hidden asset searches can be added in to the judgment. Discuss this with your attorney. We can find things like properties in different states in which the Subject resides in, banking account information, stocks, brokerage account information, off-shore bank accounts, hidden assets, companies registered in the Subject’s name in the state in which they reside as well as other states.

What does an Asset Investigation typically consist of?

The goal of an asset investigation is to locate assets in the Subject’s name in order to obtain what is rightfully yours. This could be a divorce setting, personal lawsuit, personal injury lawsuits or things of this nature. We run national level data base searches only available to Law Enforcement and Private Investigators to locate information about the Subject’s residence history, as well as close relatives. We search for properties, hidden bank accounts, hidden investment account and other things your Attorney can garnish.

Asset Investigation for Businesses:

Businesses often turn to Private Investigators to locate assets for various reasons.  A business owner might feel their partner is committing fraud, doing business on the side with a competitor or simply stealing profits from the company.

Asset Investigation for a Divorce:

During divorces, individuals often start hiding money in various ways so they can leave the marriage with more. Hiring a Private Investigator in the beginning of a divorce is crucial. Assets need to be found immediately before they start disappearing. If you are going through a divorce and think your spouse is hiding assets, contact us now to open an asset investigation.

Estate Asset Investigations:

This scenario is common. Executors are often accused of hiding money or taking more than their fair share. It is important to hire a Private Investigator with experience in estates and trust to conduct an in-depth Asset Investigation into the Estate as well as the parties managing the Estate.

Child Support Proceedings:

It is common for one parent to hide money, claim they make less, claim their business is taking a loss or other things to avoid paying child support. During Child Support Investigations, we can locate bank accounts, investment accounts, rental properties, conduct research into a Subject’s business, and even conduct Surveillance to prove the Subject is working. Contact us now to open an asset investigation.

Asset Investigations typically consist of but not limited to:

  • In-depth real property searches
  • Mortgage and Loan information
  • National Deed Searches
  • Vehicles
  • Bank account and investment account searches
  • Hidden asset searches
  • National level investment account searches
  • International/off shore bank account searches
  • Business searches
  • Bankruptcies
  • UCC Filings
  • Federal Tax Liens
  • State Tax Liens
  • Creditor Searches
  • Judgements

Who needs asset searches or hidden asset searches:

  • Law Firms/Attorneys
  • Businesses with judgements
  • Individuals with judgments
  • Individuals going through divorces
  • Child Custody Investigation Clients
  • Spouses who think their husbands or wives are hidings money, property or anything from them
  • Government Agencies
  • Creditors
  • Private Investigators

What is a “Hidden Bank Account”?

A hidden bank account is an account the Subject opens to purposely hide money from a Spouse, business partner or in attempt to avoid paying a debt. This can consist of a Subject going to a small bank and opening an account their Spouse doesn’t know about so they can hide money over a long period of time when a couple starts talking about a divorce. Or in more extreme cases, a Subject will move money out of the US to places like Belize, Cayman Islands, Switzerland and other known safe havens. If you feel a business partner, spouse or family member is hiding money from you, contact us now to open an asset investigation. For more information on how people hide money, click here.

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